Cats are somewhat of a lame animal. Admit it, it’s a fact. You never see the cool guy in the neighborhood out walking his cat in the afternoon. Cats are for crazy old women, effeminate skinny men and people who are just generally nuts. But not cartoon cats. They are cool as hell. Garfield, Hobbes, Heathcliffe, all sorts of others which slip my mind right now. Yet there’s one movie all about those crazy cats and it comes from none other than Disney.

As of Super Tuesday, February 5th, the classic Disney film The Aristocats is now available on DVD from Disney DVD and Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Pick up this legendary film today.

This jazzy Disney classic is about a clan of cats in the very heart of Paris. After the rich and obviously crazy millionaire owner of the cats passes away, her entire fortune passes on to Duchess. Duchess and her three kittens are high-class the whole way, but, like the rich so often are, they are gullible enough to fall into the trap of the greedy butler. Now there is no one to save them except for Thomas O’Malley and his rough jazz band. What happens next? Find it out when you purchase this wonderful classic.

As far as special features go, The Aristocats has a whole litter of them. There is a feature which allows you to adopt and care for a Disney virtual kitten, a virtual kitten DVD-ROM, learning about the names and sounds of the instruments in the film, deleted scenes, and other special features as well.

This film is fun, funny, and good enough to watch time after time. This is one of the greatest Disney animated films, and from a time when quality counted. Take this film for a spin and enjoy it once again.

The Aristocats might not be high society, but it’s a good film and a great time for all.

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