Action, adventure, espionage, seduction, betrayal, communism, pacifism, stunt driving, massive explosions.  Usually when those words are used to describe a movie, it’s somewhat of an exaggeration.  But not when it comes to this new 9 DVD boxed set.  That’s because it’s The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones – Volume Two: The War Years and it’s nothing but exciting adventure from start to finish of each and every single episode.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones – Volume Two: The War Years is now available for the first time in an all-new boxed set of nine DVDs released by Paramount and Lucasfilm.  For the one on your Christmas list who loves adventure, pick this one up and put it in their stocking.

We all know Indiana Jones as a hard-bitten mid-30’s treasure hunting archaeologist.  But what made him into that?  Why is he the way he is?  Why does he fight for what is good and against that which is evil?  Well, it turns out that, in his formative years of the late teens to early twenties, young Indi ran away from home and had a whole slough of adventures.  Volume 2 of his adventures include his trips to Asia, Europe, and Africa.  These took place during the first World War and Indi has volunteered for the Belgian Army.  He fights at the Somme and at Verdun and is captured and interred with Charles de Gaulle.  He meets up with Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon and falls in love with Mata Hari.  He is cured of malaria by Albert Schweitzer and shot down and captured by the Red Baron.  He hears Lenin speak and much, much more.  The adventures only grow more and more.

The special features included in this boxed set are innumerable.  Each DVD contains one episode which is roughly an hour and a half long, and three or four in-depth documentaries, over two dozen in all.  There are over 13 hours of special features, including one disc devoted only to interactive special features, such as an interactive timeline and a game.

These Adventures will excite you and leave you laughing.  For the person who loves the older Indiana Jones, or just loves a good story with some solid and interesting historical background, invest in this DVD boxed set and fill them full of adventure for years to come.

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