Indiana Jones is coming out with a new movie.  It looks somewhat interesting, but I would be more interested in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Gerontology, a movie set it very well might have been shot on.  Indy has always been very cool, with his witty one liners, occasionally getting the girl, fighting Nazis and rescuing treasure.  Who wouldn’t want a life like that?  Yet, for as interesting as that life would be, it turns out that the young Indiana Jones had far more impressive adventures.  Now you can own the third and final installment of those young and fascinating education adventures.

Starting this April 29th, now available as a special edition collectors boxed DVD set from CBS Home Entertainment, Lucasfilm Limited, and Paramount Home Entertainment is the final piece to one of George Lucas’s many masterpieces.  For the first time ever, you can bring home the exciting finale of The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones – Volume Three – The Years Of Change.  You may or may not have enjoyed it as an impressionable early teenager, but your children will certainly enjoy the Emmy Award winning fun now!

The War To End All Wars is over, except for a few more quick adventured with French Intelligence, and now young Indiana Jones finds himself in a world rife with change.  He travels across the world, chases treasure, meets many famous and noteworthy people, and finally moves back to America.  In this volume, Indy meets up with his good friend, Lawrence of Arabia, is almost eaten by Dracula, falls in love with the same girl as Ernest Hemingway, twice, listens to Louis Armstrong, falls into trouble with Al Capone, sees the idealism of Woodrow Wilson up close, tours with Edith Wharton, is a part of the French Foreign Legion, meets Ataturk, is helped out by Elliot Ness, befriends George Gershwin, works under John Ford, and learns about rockets from Robert Goddard.

This collectors edition boxed set 10 DVD collection has more special features than actual television shows on it and it is all the better for that misbalanced perspective.  There are over 15 hours of special features in this boxed set.  That is made up of over two dozen compelling documentaries, any of which would be well at home on PBS or The History Channel.  There are also an interactive timeline about where the adventures in this series take place and a game which makes it fun!

This show is great fun.  The characters are funny and interesting, the adventures young Indy goes on are certainly fascinating, but it is the depth of historical context which makes this show a must see.  The additional documentaries only make that aspect of the show more compelling.  It’s especially hilarious to see Anne Heche, Jane Krakowski and Jeffrey Wright in this show, all of which happened before they were famous.  Those were the only notable celebrities I saw in this volume.  All in all, it’s a great show, but it’s all the special features that really put it over the top.

The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones – Volume Three – The Years Of Change is magnificently adventurous and even more educational.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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