Though the title of this DVD is taken from their most well-known routine (and perhaps one of the most well-known routines of all time), this DVD is actually a collection of six episodes of “The Abbot and Costello Show”, one of which includes the infamous “Who’s On First?” bit. For those in the know, the six episodes included are :

“The Dentist’s Office”
“The Birthday Party”
“The Charity Bazaar”
“The Music Lovers”
“The Actor’s Home”

Each episode begins with the opening theme and credits from the show and goes right into the two comics doing their initial cracking wise in front of the curtain before entering their neighborhood world for the content of the episode. Whether Costello is dealing with a toothache or Abbott is trying to swindle people out of their money at a charity (“The Lemon Bit” – one of the best on this DVD), the comic duo is showcasing what made them legends in this two and a half hour collection of episodes. Those who have never witnessed the two in action together should be quick to realize why they’ve heard the names even if they’ve never seen the bits til now. Costello obliviously waltzing through town unintentionally offending people while Abbott alternately attempts to cover for him or take advantage of his naivete. It’s a perfect marriage of lovable dunce and twinkly-eyed huckster and these six episodes (though definitely out of date by today’s comedy standards) capture their style, charm, and wit perfectly. If you’re looking for a brief introduction to the classic comedy duo this is a pretty good start. If you’re already familiar with them getting this DVD would be like buying a “best of” collection of music from your favorite artist.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Abbott and Costello newbies
Stay Away if: You’ve already got the Abbott and Costello collection on your shelf

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