We’ve all seen cringe-worthy sports moments.  There the soccer play who gets a ball right to his, the football player who gets them stomped on by a 350 pound man wearing cleats, the fan who goes to vault a fence and only gets one leg over before coming to a manhood crushing stop.  Although they might be somewhat funny, they are fundamentally disturbing.  As a man, one of our greatest fears, whether we acknowledge it or not, is losing what makes us a man down there.  Now there’s a new movie out which taps deep into that fear.

Starting this May 6th, now available on DVD from Dimension Extreme, Lionsgate and Genius Products is the latest wholly original horror film.  Teeth is coming out to where you live.  Pick up this wickedly hilarious and horrifying film today!

Dawn is a pretty yet sexually repressed high school student who is still proudly a virgin.  She is fast becoming a rising star in his abstinence after-school group, but a new boy there catches her eye.  They spend some time together, but he is less insistent on saving his precious gift.  He forces himself upon Dawn, but something inside of her bites most of him off, leading to the first of several explicit scenes of penile destruction.  Dawn is shocked and cannot understand what happened to her.  She goes to a gynecologist and begins to accept the fact that she has become sexually active, albeit somewhat against her will.  But when the gynecologist makes Dawn nervous, her vagina dentata bites off four fingers.  She finds herself surrounded by over-sexed teens and finds a way to use her newly discovered mutation as a sort of revenge.  This is a coming of age tale with some serious bite.

The special features included on this DVD are the TV spot for the film, the original theatrical trailer, a look behind the scenes of Teeth, a selection of deleted scenes which were not included in the final cut, and an optional audio commentary from Writer/Director Mitchell Lichtenstein. 

Jess Weixler, the stunningly beautiful actress who plays the protagonist, won the Sundance prize for special acting for her portrayal of Dawn in this film.  It’s easy to see why.  Her transformation from Sunday School wallflower to sexual demon is fascinating and captivates.  This film is somewhat similar to Hard Candy, the original Ellen Page (of Juno fame) vehicle, as they are both tales of an inversion of sexual power.  The satire which is aimed towards the abstinence movement is blindingly hilarious.  Despite all the scenes of penile dismemberment, which are far too numerous for my tastes, you cheer for Dawn as she gives those guys what they deserve.  This is the ultimate sexual cautionary tale, a courageous horror film, and a darkly hilarious coming of age story all wrapped together.

Teeth will grab you at the root of your fears and never let you go.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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