The Super Fun Show DVD

Personally, I think learning is always fun.  Maybe some subjects are not, mainly those boring ones dealing with math and science, but the rest of them are always fun.  Since I think that way, I have always found all those attempts to dress education up and make it fun to be both pointless and pathetic.  Nonetheless, here is a pretty good result of an attempt to do just that.

Starting this August 5th, now available on DVD from Role Model Productions comes the first project from edu-tainer, speaker and author Shawn Brown, the Pied Piper of Early Childhood.  The Super Fun Show is ready for your children to bring home and learn to move to the music and become educated about all sorts of different things.  Help them learn today!

Shawn Brown has made his way up through D-list celebrity and now wants to reach out to an even larger audience.  He has put together a DVD with all sorts of music, education, and great ways to make themselves better.  This includes “Super Fun Show” which is a great warm-up piece, “On The Rug” which is almost like the Hokey Pokey, “Count to 100” which is self explanatory, “The Dino Song” which is also self explanatory and several other segments as well.

This DVD does not include any special features.

This show is pretty close to being super fun and it really will help kids learn.  The production value is not as low as I would have anticipated, but it’s no Madison Avenue quality.  All in all, it’s worth picking up because it is a different type of learning for your kids.

This show is indeed Super Fun!

This DVD is available at

Nathaniel Jonet

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