Holiday Dreams Collection

As a child, getting a new movie is simply incredible.  It doesn’t matter if a movie is good or not.  That filter usually doesn’t appear until later in high school.  The simple fact that you now have a new movie, something you’ve never seen before, is amazing.  You watch it for the first time and it is great.  Now there’s a new chance to get a great bargain on a new DVD boxed set for your children’s enjoyment.

Starting this October 7th, now available in a three disc boxed set from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and The Incredible World Of Dic comes the holiday collection of everyone’s favorite redhead named after a delicious desert.  Strawberry Shortcake – Holiday Dreams is ready to storm out of your television screen and grant all of your winter time wishes.  Bring home this wonderful and enjoyable collection today!

This boxed set contains three separate DVDs.  In the first, “Berry Merry Christmas,” it’s Christmas time.  Strawberry Shortcake and Honey Pie Pony want this Christmas to be the most special Christmas of all time, so they set off on a series of magical journeys to get the best presents ever.  But some melting snow spells disaster and it’s up to Strawberry Shortcake to make everything better and remember what the holiday season is really all abut.  In the second, “Let’s Dance,” the girls love to dance but it leads to trouble.  A villain sets up a dance studio and the girls spend all their time dancing, but meanwhile the villain is stealing all the berries.  Will the girls be able to save the day?  In the third, “Big Country Fun,” the girls go to a ranch to learn how to ride horses.  But will they become too caught up in competition to remember to have fun?

As far as special features go, this three disc boxed set is a bit light on them, although it does contain five free holiday greeting cards along with the three films.  It’s a nice surprise, although since Strawberry and friends are owned by American Greetings, it is understandable.

This show serves as a wonderful counterpart to the skanky pre-teen ho vision of life provided by those Bratz dolls and movies.  Strawberry and her friends are nice, they are not overly materialistic, they try hard and have good self esteem along with great ways of expressing their individuality.  These shows are very good examples for young girls looking for cartoon role models and parents should never be afraid to show these films to their children.  The shows in this boxed set are both fun and entertaining and they’re good for your kids as well.

This set will make your Dreams come true.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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