Happily Ever After

I think Valentine’s Day has got to be one of the dumbest holidays around.  It’s not religious, like Easter or Christmas, nor is it a nationally significant holiday, like 4th of July or Labor Day.  It’s something that retailers have cooked up because otherwise we wouldn’t spend money between Christmas and Easter.  So to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, I ran a 5k in 11 degree weather and snow, I ate a brunch that got me horribly ill and I watched the remake of Friday The 13th and ate far too much popcorn.  It was my best Valentine’s Day yet.  Now there’s a new movie out which would also help you enjoy that most pointless of all holidays.

Starting this February 3rd, now available on DVD from American Greetings Corporation, Cookie Jar Group and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes another story about one of the coolest redheads named after a sweet desert.  Strawberry Shortcake – Happily Ever After is ready to gallop out of your television screen with two heartwarming and magical tales.  Bring home this exciting DVD today!

This DVD includes two new adventures.  The first of these adventures is “Sleeping Beauty.”  In this story, the Brambleberry Fairy feels lonely, so she casts a spell on Princess Strawberry Rose because the Fairy feels the Princess has been ignoring her.  Her friends, Appleberry, Rainbowberry, Gingerberry, Tangerinaberry and Orangeberry, try to wake her and fail.  Now it’s up to Prince Huckleberry to save the day.  The second of these adventures is “A Princess Named Rap.”  In this story, Princess Rapunzel’s teacher thinks that she is too concerned with things other than her royal duties.  But when the teacher is in danger and all that extra knowledge of Rap’s might come in handy, will she be able to save the teacher?

The special features included in this DVD are a selection of downloadable coloring pages, a memory book about the characters and a great collection of Valentine’s Day greeting cards.

This delightfully colorful show continues to amuse and bedazzle.  The adventures Strawberry and all her other fruity named friends go on are exciting and there certainly is some great comedic relief every now and again.  The best part about this show is that it is unabashedly straightforward.  The characters live their lives free of irony, much like David Foster Wallace admonished writers to do.  The show is written for children and does not feel the need to nod towards adults or put in the sardonic wit and asides only we truly appreciate.  That is the shining glory of this show – it is for children and does not apologize for that fact.  That’s something to be proud of and yet one more reason you should get this for your children.

You’ll live Happily with this DVD in your life.

Cookie Jar Group is a leader in the field of developing and distributing children’s entertainment characters.  They control some of the most memorable franchises and are committed to bring them to the greater audience of home entertainment.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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