Puppetry is something which feels more PBS than mainstream America nowadays.  Yet it was not always this way.  Puppets used to be one of the primary forces of entertainment in America, even through the years right before the Second World War.  It was an art form with a large following and it had an incredible impact on American life and culture.  Yet Stories of the American Puppet, the new film released by Mazzarella Media and  available on October 16th, is the first documentary to focus on the interesting art and how it came to grow and flourish in America.

Stories of the American Puppet first premiered on PBS and it certainly looks and feels like it.  That could not have been too bad for the documentary though, as it did capture an Emmy Award.  It is thoroughly researched and provides a flawless and overarching history of puppetry in America.
 We see the first American puppet show, how puppetry came to be so important on the American frontier, how it developed and changed during the Roaring Twenties and the subsequent Great Depression.  From there, we see the supreme irony of how puppets and puppetry were embraced during the first years of television.  After all, it is television which has, except for PBS, been the demise of the attraction to and popularity of puppetry.

This film is filled with rare archival footage, photography, interviews, and even reenactments of some of the greatest and most important people and moments from the annals of American puppet history.  And so, it is a film well worth watching, even if you only check it out from your local public library.  All audiences, young and old, can enjoy this captivating movie.

Come October 16th, this DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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