Step Up 2 The StreetsI do not dance.  Fact.  That is simply one of those foundational truths in my life, along with that cold hot dogs taste better than warm ones and chicken is the best flavor of Raman noodles.  I’ve tried it a couple of times and after each time I completely swear it off like a bad trip.  Nonetheless, it is still mildly interesting to see someone who is good at dancing do it well.  Here is a chance to see that once again.

Starting this July 15th, now available on DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Touchstone Home Entertainment comes a street-wise of foolish machismo and finding your reason for being alive.  Step Up 2 The Streets, the sequel to the first movie from 2006, is now ready for you to bring home and enjoy whenever you want.  Introduce your children to a world of high stepping dance moves and crazy stuff that has no application to the real world!

This movie stars Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, Adam G. Sevani, Cassie Ventura, Telisha Shaw and Will Kemp.  Briana is stunningly good looking, especially in the scene where she’s dancing in the water.  The film was choreographed by three of the best in the business.  Briana plays Andie, a girl who is in love with hip-hop dancing with her local crew but who keeps getting in trouble.  She is about to get shipped of to Texas when she gets a spot in the elite Maryland School of Arts where she really doesn’t fit in at all.  Chase is the best dancer at the school and he’s pretty good looking too.  He takes a shine to Andie, but he’s a heart breaker.  Andie decides that they should start their own crew and work to compete in the Streets, the ultimate dance-off in Baltimore.  What happens from there makes this film interesting.

The special features included in this special Dance Off Edition are a featurette about making the movie, a look into the dancers of the real life 401, a pretty funny video prank by Robert Hoffman, some deleted scenes and bloopers, and five music videos including “Low” by Flo-rida, “Ching-A-Ling” by Missy Elliot, “Killa” by Cherish, “Hypnotized” by Plies, and “Let It Go” by Brit and Alex.

The dance moves are amazing in this film.  That’s certainly the case and no one can possibly disagree with that.  Other than that, I thought this film was reprehensible.  It’s not the loose gang affiliations in the movie which bothered me, it’s all that foolish machismo.  Oh, that other crew disrespected the kids from MSA.  They lost face.  They got showed up.  In a world where the current American administration has showed us all the great dangers of pride and loving self over facts, this movie which glorifies pride is the last thing we all need.

Don’t Step Up, sit back and choose to do something else.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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