Saturdays, for all the fun they can be, are an absolute slaughter when it comes to television.  There is never anything on tv on Saturday.  Maybe you can watch a Cubs game or see some educational show about radio waves or an investment show or maybe some wild animal show.  Boring.  There was one guilty pleasure I would occasionally partake in on the weekends.  That was watching Stargate in the early afternoon.  Now there’s a chance to watch another spin-off series, and a cartoon to boot.

Starting this May 13th, now available in a special collectors’ edition DVD boxed set comes the complete series of the next saga of one of the most exciting and visionary science fiction stories.  Stargate Infinity – The Complete Series is ready for you to bring home and watch this cartoon continuation whenever you feel that urge to travel through the Stargate again.

It’s been a long time since the first stargate opened when this show comes around.  We managed to defeat the Goa’uld and now Stargate Command is declassified and there are aliens all over the place.  But a new threat arises in the Tlak’kahn and Major Gus Bonner, just court-martialed for a crime he didn’t commit, must lead a group of new recruits through the stargate to protect the life of an Ancient.  And that’s just the first episode!

The special features included in this special collectors’ edition DVD boxed set are an animated test of the stargate effect, animated character walking models, and some original concept art.

I did now initially know that this show was a cartoon.  However, for a cartoon, it was pretty compelling.  I found myself drawn into the story and, although the special effects were pretty cheesy, they were still better then on the live action show.  The story is interesting and we finally get to meet an Ancient.  It’s not bad at all.

This Infinity doesn’t go the distance, but it does pretty well for itself nonetheless.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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