Growing up around someone famous is always a strange experience.  You don’t appreciate it until you’re older and removed from the situation.  In second grade, we had a new girl in our class at River Heights Elementary School, Holly Gaiman.  She and the rest of her siblings had just moved over from their home in London to our small corner of west-central Wisconsin.  Her father would turn out to be none other than Neil Gaiman, the writer most famous at that time for his graphic novels.  One time, our second grade teachers arranged for him to come in and show us some of his works and talk about his writing.  We ended up asking him questions about why he talked so funny and other sorts of second grader questions.  We got little to nothing out of that conversation, but our teachers, both of which were the bring your NPR tote bag to the organic co-op on the weekends type, loved it.  But as for Nail Gaiman, he would go on to write many novels and have one of them, Stardust, turned into a movie.

Stardust, the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s famed novel and graphic novel, is now available on DVD from Paramount Pictures.  Come along with Claire Danes at her most beautiful, Michelle Pfeiffer at her most wicked, and Robert De Niro at his most hilarious, for a wild ride through the town of Wall and into the magic beyond.

Stardust is the story of a star who falls into a magical land, is chased by a deadly witch seeking to steal her heart to bring eternal youth, flying pirates who steal lightening from the sky, fratricidal brothers who are seeking to capture their father’s throne, and a young man who falls in love with the star.

The special features on this DVD include a selection of deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and “Good Omens”, a featurette about the making of the Stardust.  These additions take a memorable cinematic experience and transform it into a movie watching that one could hardly forget.

Stardust is a fun and fanciful look at the magical side of a life, a trip across the wall well worth taking.

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