Economics are fascinating. I don’t mean in the sense of flow charts or page upon page in the back of the Wall Street Journal. There is something about money and how it works in the world which is, or at least should be, attractive to our minds. The very base of life is, unfortunately, money. As a recent college graduate, I am more aware of this than I have ever been before. Yet money is not only the foundation of life for individuals, but for groups as well, going all the way up to nations and entire regions of the planet. It is the interaction of economics between rich nations and poor nations which is touched on in this first volume of Speaking Freely.

Speaking Freely is a new literary series being released by Cinema Libre Studio. In it, an author is interviewed about a book they have coming out, usually one dealing with social or international questions. The result is, at least in this case of the interview with author John Perkins, a flawless interview, well edited and thought out. It is PBS with bite, a Democracy Now! interview actually interesting to watch.

Interspersed with footage of the globally poor, John Perkins’ interview about world-wide economics is arresting to both the eye and the mind. Perkins, author of the best-selling Confessions Of An Economic Hit-Man, speaks in this interview about the intentional creation of debt and the empire of influence America is creating abroad. This is not driven by any one political party, but rather by what Perkins calls the “corporatocracy.” With connections to both the current war in Iraq and the populist uprising being seen throughout Latin America, Perkins presents a timely and damning critique of the economics of America. It is well worth the watch.

Speaking Freely is both a great series to watch and great to keep an eye on, because with writers and topics like this, these are interviews which are going to go places.

The movie can be found at Cinema Libre Studios.

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