I remember when the first episode of South Park was ever aired.  Not to betray my age or anything, but I was in seventh grade when that happened.  There was an article in Time Magazine about it, all the Christians were in an uproar about how evil it was, and Bobby Clark wouldn’t stop talking about the aliens gave Kenny an anal probe.  It was a magical time.  Once I cracked the security code to my parents’ satellite dish, I would watch it ocassionaly.  But in college, I would stay up late to watch the reruns on our local CW affiliate.  Considering my school, that sometimes made me a bit of an anathema, but the biting political and social commentary and general outrageousness of the show made it more than worth it.  Now there is a new entry in the South Park canon.

Starting this March 11th, now available on DVD from Paramount Television and Comedy Central DVD, is the uncensored directors cut of the new feature length movie from South Park, South Park: Imaginationland.  Bring home this hilarious and irreverent hit today!

Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Cartmen and Butters get caught up in the adventure of a lifetime.  When they accidentally detain a leprechaun carrying a message vital to the survival of Imaginationland, their mayor comes to bring them back to speak to the other citizens about that message.  But while they are there, the terrorists launch an all-out attack on Imaginationland, something they had been planning for years.  Butters is captured by the terrorists, but with the help of Kyle and Stan, the government is able to open a portal into the imagination.  However, they plan to nuke the imagination to kill the terrorists, thereby killing the boys’ friend.  What happens next is simply hilarious.

The special features found on this director’s cut DVD include an optional director’s commentary by Matt Parker and Trey Stone, the creators of South Park, and storyboards of some of the movie’s scenes.  Also included are the two regular season episodes which are referenced in the film – “Woodland Critter Christmas” and “Manbearpig” (my favorite South Park episode ever).

Despite having been around for close to ten years, South Park is still one of the most consistently outrageous and funny shows on television.  With this new feature length movie, that legacy only grows stronger.

South Park: Imaginationland is bitingly hilarious and better than you could ever pretend.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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