The Cult of Cartman - Revelations

Best-of collections are so hit and miss.  In my experience, I find you rarely see the best, it’s more of the of that they stick you with.  They’ll throw in a couple of good songs or stories or episodes or whatever, some of the ones that everyone knows and then they just fill the rest up with whatever the licensing fees are cheapest on.  Never heard of that John Updike story before?  There’s probably a reason.  Didn’t know that the Doors covered “Do The Funky Chicken?”  Now there’s a new DVD out with a real best-of selection.

Starting this October 7th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studio Home Entertainment comes the first ever collection of episodes all about everyone’s favorite little fat boy.  South Park – The Cult Of Cartman is ready to slam its way into your living room and show you just what types of fun you are missing out by not living in South Park, Colorado.  Bring home this well-deserved best of today!

These 12 episodes are all about Eric Cartman and the crazy troubles he gets himself into.  In this selection, he buys his own theme park, just for himself, he does something crazy you’ll never believe involving chili, he pretends to be a robot for far too long, he teaches Hispanic kids how to cheat and he meets Chris Hanson.  The episodes included in this 2 disc set are Scott Tenorman Must Die, Awesom – O, The Death Of Eric Cartman, Cartoon Wars part 1 and 2, Le Petit Tourette, Tonsil Trouble, Eek, A Penis, Cartmanland, Up The Down Steroid, Super Fun Time and Ginger Kids.

The special features included in this 2 DVD boxed set collection are original DVD introductions by Cartman and all-new introductions to each and every episode containing fantastic life lessons.  There is also a membership card for the cult of Cartman, a decal of him preaching his word and the boxed set looks just like a Bible.

I know it sounds crazy to say this, but I was genuinely unimpressed when I saw this collection was going to be coming out.  It’s one of the funniest shows on television and all, but all about Cartman?  Man, that’s going to be lame.  Yes, as I watched all twelve episodes, I realized that for all the importance the other three main characters have, the show really is all about Eric and the trouble he gets the whole town into.  I loved this collection.  The episodes about Scott Tenorman and Tourettes are some of the funniest moments I’ve ever had in my life.  You owe it to yourself to have those moments too.

Sell all you have and join this Cult.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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