I’m going to guess that I set my expectation for this series too low.

Now available as a DVD boxed set from Showtime and Paramount Television is the third season of Soul Food – The Series. Pick up this well written and well acted urban dramatic show today.

Season Three drops us right back where the second season left us, in the midst of turmoil. In this period of sea change, people are falling in and out of love, new jobs, old jobs, friendships are shattered, people see ghosts. It’s another crazy year in Soul Food – The Series.

The special features in this special DVD boxed set consist solely of the fact that each episode is shown in a full screen format. Although, it’s most likely that people who would go out and buy this DVD boxed set are not so much interested in the special features of the discs, but of the show itself.

This show starts out incredibly and only gets better. Because it starts off exactly where it ended, and doesn’t bother to stop and recap, the watcher is swept up into the story regardless of how interested they were in the first place. One chronic problem with the show is that tendency to go into a slow motion frame during a random scene, like some sort of Reservoir Dogs knock-off. Regardless, this show is very interesting and captivating. Surprisingly, very surprisingly for this reviewer, I completely recommend this show.

Soul Food – The Series, although keeping your plate full, will inevitably leave some viewers still hungry.

This DVD boxed set is available at

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