The jump characters and stories must make from videogames to the rest of life is a treacherous and often deadly leap.  Although the Tomb Raider movies have been moderately successful, far much more of that is due to the potent sexuality of Angelina Jolie than the virtuosity of the storyline.  One can buy novels based on the Halo trilogy, but those are more checkout line nerd fodder than anything else.  With the explosion of the Web 2.0 in these recent years, references to and jokes stemming from gamer culture abound.  Freddie Prince Jr. and The Last Starfighter are about as good as it gets when it comes to faithfulness to the original story and the quality of the project which sprung from it.  And that says little to nothing.

But there is one more videogame, one of the most popular and pervasive of all time, which made the jump from button mashing to general culture.  That would be Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega’s own juggernaut.  Also their only game worth mentioning, as Echo The Dolphin does not count.  Sonic and all his friends have been made into multiple television shows, all sorts of spin-off games, plush toys, breakfast cereals, feminine hygiene product lines.  Or something like that.

Yet one Sonic series stands above the rest, both in character and camp.  That would be the third one, Sonic Underground, the first twenty episodes of which are now available in an all-new boxed set from Shout Factory and The Wonderful World Of Dic.

Roll along with Sonic, Manic, and Sonia as they search for their mother, Queen Alina, and battle Dr. Robotnik, Sleet, Dingo, and all the Swatbots.  Not only that, but their powers and identities are wrapped up in medallions of musical instruments and in their spare time off, they play for their own all-sibling rock band.  It’s a campy Blade Runner, a Logan’s Run without 70’s interior design and The Partridge Family with robots.  And it’s in the same boxed set for the first time ever.

Also included in the boxed set are interviews with the executive producer, a look at the music of the series, concept art and storyboard to screen sequences.  Not to mention, there is also an exclusive CD of 8 hit songs from the show.

Sonic Underground is a hilarious look at what we thought was cool back when were kids.  Or a little bit older.

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