So many movies are formulaic.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as all stories must necessarily follow a formula.  Kurt Vonnegut wrote about how every story is made up of a combination of highs and lows, they just start and end at different heights.  What makes a story stand out is doing something new with the combination of lows and highs.  The same goes for movies, so you know that a Michael Bay film won’t leave you reeling and an indie movie will go for the quirky factor.  Now there is a new film out which takes the twists in a story to a whole new and wholly fascinating level of perfection.

Starting this August 26th, now available on DVD from Paramount Vantage and Paramount Home Entertainment comes a heartwarming and transforming story about the power of film and friendships.  Son Of Rambow is ready to shoot its way into your living

This movie takes place in small town England in the early 1980’s.  Will Proudfoot is a fatherless child living with his mother under the influence of a conservative religious cult who is trying to find some way to escape that boring life.  Lee Carter is the school bully who picks on and continually tricks poor Will.  Lee works for his brother, illegally taping movies at the local theater, where he picks up the hot new Rambo: First Blood.  Will stumbles upon the copy at Lee’s house and, having never seen television before, is captivated and transformed by the violent mythology he sees on the screen.  Lee decides to shoot a film about Rambo’s son, but it’s Will’s acid-trip dream about the movie that becomes their script.  Lee cedes control of the film over to Will and soon the too-cool French foreign exchange student and most of the school are in the film, disappointing Lee.  Can the two boys who became friends come back together in time?

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from director Garth Jennings, producer Nick Goldsmith and actors Will Poulter and Bill Milner, the short film “Aron” which was made by Garth and served as the inspiration for this movie, the winning short film in the contest made for this movie and a featurette about the making of this movie.

I was amazed by this film.  This is what independent cinema should look like.  The two boys are perfectly emblematic of the possibilities and promise that childhood holds.  The captivating power of film is a childhood joy we so quickly forget once we are drawn to more realistic movies.  To see these two people so unlike each other be drawn together by a common dream is compelling.  This film is wonderful, fantastic and the must-see movie of this year.

This Son is the best indie brainchild in far too long.

In the US, this DVD is available only at Best Buy.

Nathaniel Jonet

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