Prior to seeing the commercials for this new diamond edition of this movie, I did not know that this was in fact the first full-length animated movie that was made by Walt Disney.  I hadn’t seen this movie in years, prior to just rewatching it a couple of days ago.  However, if I had seen it, it sure would have been a whole lot easier to believe.  The animation is so very obviously really old.  Nonetheless, the digitally restored version of this movie is ready for you to bring home today!

Starting this October 6th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the all-new completely restored version of the first full-length animated adventure that Walt Disney made.  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – Diamond Edition – DVD and Blu-ray Disc is ready to come swinging right out of your television screen and fill your living room with some of the original magic that America fell in love with.

Everyone already knows the story of Snow White.  She grows up to be fairest in all the land and this makes her wicked witch of a stepmother jealous.  So this princess runs away and makes friends with a whole bunch of wonderfully named dwarfs who work as miners.  But the evil queen is able to find her and gets Snow White to eat a poisoned apple, sending her into a deep sleep that only a kiss can wake her from.  But what will happen after that?

There are ridiculous amounts of special features in this DVD and Blu-ray combo pack.  The DVD has the full-length film, an optional audio commentary from John Canemaker, restored picture and sound, a sneak peak at upcoming Disney pictures and a music video performed by Tiffany Thornton.  The Blu-ray includes the music video, the DisneyView viewing experience, a jewel jumble game, a look at which princess you are most like, a game where you decipher a scrambled image, storyboards from a possible storyboard, a look at Disney’s original studio, a karaoke sing-along, a look at Disney through the decades, Dopey’s Wild Mine Ride game and a great featurette about how this movie went on to change the world of movies forever.

This movie is a whole lot of fun and there is just no doubt about that at all.  When you think back on this movie and all the times you have already watched it, you just remember the great story and all of the enjoyable songs.  But when you watch it again, the first thing you notice is how amazingly old this style of animation is.  All of the constant movement and bobbing heads that are the trademark of those early animations are in here and that’s something I totally forgot.  Yet, as great and enjoyable as this film is, it’s the wide variety of special features that really sets it apart.  So bring it home today and relive all of the fantastic memories you’ve built up around this classic movie.

Let it Snow with this great classic film today!

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