Dogs are perhaps the most fun pets.  Let’s face the facts – cats are for loser and reptiles are for virgins.  And fish aren’t pets, more like moving scenery.  But dogs, dogs are wonderful.  Yet, so often the movies which are made about dogs are anything about but wonderful.  And now, thanks to Disney, there is yet another inheritor to that great tradition.

Starting February 5th, from Disney DVD and Walt Disney Home Entertainment, Disney’s Snow Buddies is now available on DVD.  Pick up this wintertime tale today!

Snow Buddies is the story which comes some time after the wondrous tale spun in Air Buddies, the sixth film in the endearing Air Bud series.  After seeing the puppies bond in their first film, they are accidentally dropped up north, in the snow.  Hence, the innovate Snow Buddies title begins to bring clarity to the situation.  They learn teamwork, they meet Talon and Shasta, and they try to find their way back home.  The five puppies are named Buddha, Mudbud, Rosebud, Budderball, and B-Dawg (who drops the Bud of Air Bud fame to be thug and racially stereotypical).  It’s one more direct-to-DVD Disney feature that really is for the dogs.

As far as special features on this disc of Snow Buddies go, you might as well be lost in the Great White North.  There are bloopers, a music video (ooh!), commentary with the buddies, a featurette on visual effects, and a documentary, or DOGumentary.  Terrible.  What you won’t find included is the fact that Disney was using puppies under the legal age to be transported (8 weeks) and that several of them became ill or had to be put down.  The American Humane Association is conducting an investigation of this grievous atrocity.   Kid friendly?  Hardly.

This film is horrid.  Perhaps the most amazing part of this is that the incredible and talented Kris Kristofferson continues to provide the voice for one of the puppies.  Dylan Sprouse, mildly famous for his role in my personal favorite over-sexed ‘tween comedy series on Disney, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, provides the voice of Shasta, the husky in the picture.  Molly Shannon continues her streak of being attracted to projects which suck, fitting her and her acting or vocal abilities quite well.  Snow Buddies tries to be a heartwarming buddy film, using cutely voiced cute puppies and stereotypical behavior, and ends up ice-cold.

Snow Buddies?  Be kind; put this film down.

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