Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

Fairy tales are fantastic.  These are the ultimate vehicle of wish fulfillment.  Women want to be a beautiful, rich princess who men will die to be with and men want to be able to use swords in public.  I think it all boils down to that.  It’s escapism for kids, teaching them that there are grand quests and great hopes to be had for the future.  Nonetheless, these fairy tales have great staying power and now there’s one newly available on DVD.

Starting this October 7th, now available as a two-disc platinum edition from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the definitive and most compelling version of one of the original fairy tales.  Sleeping Beauty – 50th Anniversary Edition is ready to burst out of your television screen and take you on a wild and majestic ride through a world of wonder and magic.  Bring home this classic film today!

The story goes like this.  There’s a princess who is born and three fairies/witches are invited to some event for her.  One is not, so she becomes jealous.  She puts a spell on the princess that she’ll prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep that only the kiss of true love will be able to wake her from.  So the princess grows up, is beautiful and pricks her finger.  Then comes Prince Charming and he fights through dragons and weeds and all sorts of stuff and love saves the day.  Who hasn’t heard this fairytale?  It’s like the seven day creation – it’s everywhere.

The special features included in this two-disc platinum edition are simply unbelievable.  The picture quality is newly digitally restored, it is an expanded version of the film and it now comes with surround sound.  There is a music video for the song “Once Upon A Dream,” a walkthrough of Beauty’s castle, an all-new dance game, completely new games and activities, a never before seen alternate ending, a whole selection of deleted songs, a featurette about the making of this film and so much more that you would hardly believe it.

This is perhaps the iconic Disney princess movie.  It has everything and then some.  The digital restoration and expanded version move our admiration for it from a sense of nostalgia to genuine wonderment.  The special features are incredible, with hours of features and a whole disc dedicated to fantastic extras.  This princess sparkles and so will your heart.

Don’t Sleep through this one, pick up the DVD today!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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