There’s a proverb that says that good things comes in threes, or something to that general effect.  If in fact that is true, it looks as though that rule somehow managed to skip over the entire Shrek franchise.  Shrek 1 was hilarious, although less so than everyone passed it off as being, Shrek 2 was disappointing, and Shrek 3 has turned out to be a travesty against the entire film business.

And so, Shrek The Third is now available on DVD.

What’s the story?  Shrek has a baby, his father in law dies, he goes to find another heir to the throne, and a coup is staged to take control of the kingdom away from Shrek.  It’s a disappointing story and one not really worth the time it would take to watch it.

Well, what about special features?  That is the one place where this wretched DVD shines.  There is a yearbook with information about every person in the high school one of the characters went to, Shrek’s guide to parenthood, lost scenes, the tech of Shrek, big green goofs, tournament games, and a way to make your own music videos.

Shrek The Third is abysmal.

This DVD is available at

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