Shine a Light

In high school, I got into classic rock.  That was the cool thing to do in small-town Wisconsin and most of my friends went through that transition too.  Afterwards, I moved on to the emo scene and then to my new home, indie rock.  That’s where the glory lives.  But for about two years there, I loved all that classic rock.  AC/DC, Zep, CCR, and especially The Rolling Stones – those were my bands.  Now there is a movie out about the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

Starting this July 29th, now available on DVD from Shangri-La Entertainment, Paramount Classic and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the latest film from Martin Scorsese and The Rolling Stones.  Shine A Light is ready to rock its way into your living home and make you a prisoner of decent music.  Bring home this revolutionary concert film today!

In New York City’s Beacon Theater back in 2007, the Rolling Stones performed for two nights to benefit the Clinton Foundation.  Martin Scorsese was brought in to record it and make a concert film of the performance.  He had troubles galore getting it done.  He didn’t know the set list until the show itself started, he almost didn’t get the background done on time, he had problems getting the cameras where he needed them and some of the lights were so hot that if they stayed focused in one place too long what they were shining on would start on fire.  Jack White, Christina Aguilera and Buddy Guy all appear in the film alongside the Rolling Stones and the magical, wonderful songs they played.

The special features included in this DVD are a featurette which takes a look behind the scenes of the movie and four bonus performances which were not included in the theatrical version – Undercover of the Night, Paint It Black, Little T&A, and I’m Free.

Personally, I was not smitten with this DVD.  Nonetheless, it is a breathtaking film.  I’m not a huge Stones fan, but the music is good and the way Scorsese is able to capture the feeling of being there at the concert.  The way he intersperses concert footage with newsreels and interviews with the Stones makes it more than simply a concert DVD, but a look at the band themselves.  Seeing the Clintons, and hearing Keith Richards hilarious joke involving George W Bush, was a special treat.  In this case, my personal tastes must step aside to recognize that this is an incredible movie and I highly recommend it.

This DVD will Light up your love of music.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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