In college, as most people are now prone to do, thanks to Seth MacFarlane, I became enamored with Family Guy.  That was back before they had renewed the show for the first time and so you could only catch it on DVD.  There was a talking dog and a talking British sounding baby who wanted to take over the world along with a healthy dose of parodies and pop culture references.  It was both clever and hilarious, but then it got old.  Now I don’t think it’s very funny anymore, but I love Seth MacFarlane’s animation style and I certainly admire his accomplishments.  Bring home his latest endeavor in a brand new format!

Starting this May 12th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the first collection of hilarious and completely inappropriate shorts from one of the hottest minds in inappropriate cartoon comedy these days.  Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy – Uncensored – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come spewing out of your television screen and drop a laughter bomb all over your living room, whatever that exactly means.  Bring home this high definition hilarious collection today!

This collection of shorts was first started on YouTube and is now ready for your home entertainment system with some brand new ones that were too dirty for the Internet, although that’s actually impossible.  All of your favorites and all of the new ones are completely uncensored and still completely hilarious.  Tag along with the ducks, the Scotsman, the princess, the horny frog, Jesus, Vishnu, the king, the knight, the sheep and everyone else as you enjoy this vast collection of short comedy.  Shorts included in this disc are “Barry Gibb Rides A Roller Coaster,” “Monkeys Talk About Religion,” “Jesus And Vishnu On Christmas Eve,” “Backstage With Bob Dylan” and so many others until it all adds up to 54 minutes of great fun.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are the red carpet premier and still galleries of the character models.  On the plastic shrinkwrap itself, there is also a code to be used on iTunes which allows you to download the first episodes of Family Guy, American Dad! and Futurama absolutely free.  That’s a pretty sweet bonus feature right there.

Moment of clarity – Seth MacFarlane is completely red hot right now.  He’s the highest paid television writer of all time, he has two hit shows and a third is coming out shortly.  Who else could release a collection of shorts like this and have it be such a big deal?  I might not be a big fan of MacFarlane’s humor because I find it a little too sophomoric at times, but he is hilarious and he certainly knows what he’s doing.  As a writer, he is certainly someone to be admired in the realm of television.  He was a guest star on both Gilmore Girls and Star Trek: Enterprise.  That’s street cred no matter who you are.  Out of all his comedy, it’s his takedowns of religion that are by far the most hilarious and there are some good ones on this disc.  The best parts of Family Guy are when there are these cutaways, these scenes where some part of pop culture is referenced.  Now there’s a whole disc of them in glorious high definition and it’s certainly worth getting.

It’s a true Cavalcade of crude humor and you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

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