Secrets of the Furious Five

I can’t remember seeing any pandas in a zoo, although I’m sure I have.  One of the zoos I visit even has a panda in their logo, so there have to be some of them around there somewhere.  Nonetheless, they are a very cute animal, even if they can be ferocious at times out in the wild.  Now there’s a new movie out about a panda that might not quite be ferocious, but he can get down and dirty when he needs to.

Starting this March 24th, now available on DVD from DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment comes the sequel to the story of everyone’s favorite panda who knows some kung fu.  Secrets Of The Furious Five is ready to burst out of your television screen and whoop you into a state of pure enjoyment.  Bring home this great additional adventure today!

As we all saw in the last movie, Po has defeated the evil Tai Lung, but an even greater adventure is ready to begin.  Po is now trying to teach a whole class of unruly animals the secrets of kung fu, yet the kids are refusing to listen.  In order to show them that kung fu is more than kicks and punches, Po tells them stories of when he and the Furious Five, consisting of Tigress, Viper, Monkey, Crane and Mantis, had to go on another great adventure.  He teaches the kids and those of us who are watching at the same time.  Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman are back!

This DVD is completely loaded down with special features.  You can learn how to draw all of the main characters, a great dumpling shuffle game, a pandemonium activity kit bursting with great things to do, a chance to learn the panda dance, a deeper look at the Chinese zodiac, a featurette about the animals in this film, an exploration of what fighting style you just might be and so much more.

This is a great follow-up to the first movie.  The animation isn’t quite as crisp in some places, but the story is a great one.  This was originally only available only in a collectible set with Kung Fu Panda back when it was released in early November.  Obviously, there was enough demand to bring this back on its own.  It was hilarious in the boxed set and it’s just as funny now.  As far as sequels go, it’s a good one and I recommend picking this up in addition to the original.

You’ll love learning these Secrets.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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