I have heard that they are going to be making a ninth season of this show, but that it will be about Zach Braff as Dr. John Dorian.  Now, I don’t know if that is true or not, but I can only hope that it will in fact not be true.  The entire cast is wonderful, but so much of the action revolves around J.D. and it would be too strange to not have him in it.  It would be like when the guy who played Eric bowed out of That 70’s Show and was replaced with another character.  Those were some of the worst episodes of television made that year.  Catch this monumental show for the final season with Zach Braff on DVD today!

Starting this August 25th, now available on DVD from ABC Studios comes the eighth season of one of the most hilarious, entertaining and truly genuine shows to ever take place in a hospital.  Scrubs – The Complete Eighth Season is ready to come crashing out of your television screen and bring a whole word of surgical complications and important life decisions into your living room.  Bring home this outstanding and magnificent television show today!

Turk, Elliot, Janitor, Dr. Cox, Carla, J.D., Kelso, Jordan and the rest of the crew are back for one more season.  J.D. and Elliot begin dating again, Carla gets pregnant again, the Janitor and all of his strange quirks and hijinks have stuck around, we learn about Elliot’s hidden distrust and strong dislike of redheads, J.D. decides to move and take a job elsewhere and we end the season with a great rendering of a classic Magnetic Fields song and a very sad and heartfelt look at what J.D. imagines his future is going to end up like.  All in all, it’s a wonderful eighth year at Sacred Heart Hospital and you will not want to miss it.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a wonderful set of bloopers and deleted scenes, a great look at some alternate line readings, a look at the Bahamas vacation and a collection of the webisodes from the Scrubs interns.

I have watched every single episode of this show that’s ever been made.  Some of these episodes were new to me because I hadn’t been able to catch them when they were originally broadcast, so that was an extra treat.  I loved the new class of interns this season, even if Aziz’s character did get annoying well before he was fired.  I have had a crush on Dr. Reed for the longest time, maybe because she looks a lot like a girl I went to college with.  But, above and beyond all else, this show is fantastic because it is both completely hilarious and wonderfully heartfelt.  There are very serious and impactful parts of this show that bring up great points on major issues.  There are else parts that are transcendently funny and can be rivaled by hardly any other show out there.  You do not want to miss this eighth season on DVD.

These Scrubs fit like a dream!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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