Songs can help to teach us important things.  For instance, I now know of Saul Alinsky and Saul Bellow, I have a whole new appreciation for Adlai Stevenson and I know all the signs of the Chinese Zodiac all because of the music of Sufjan Stevens.  Songs can also teach us other great things, like how to take better care of our planet.  Now there’s a DVD that does just that and it’s ready for you right now!

Starting this March 31st, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes an all-new collection of educational songs and animation from the original masters themselves.  Schoolhouse Rock! – Earth is ready to bring it’s quirky and nostalgia inducing mix of songs and messages to help us all learn to pay attention to Earth Month.  Bring home this delightfully educational DVD today!

Not only are these songs all new, but they are created by the original minds behind the series our parents watched on ABC when they were young.  Now Interplanet Janet and Mr. Morton are back, but this time they aren’t talking about conjunctions or the process by which a bill becomes a law.  Rather, they are here to talk about things like solar power and recycling and biodiversity and a whole host of other green issues.  They will help us to learn ways to be green and help our earth.  The songs included in this DVD are “Report From The North Pole,” “The Little Things We Do,” “The Trash Can Band,” “You Oughta Be Savin’ Water,” “The Rainforest,” “Save The Ocean,” “FatCat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song,” “A Tiny Urban Zoo,” “Solar Power To The People,” “Windy And The Windmills” and “Don’t Be A Carbon Sasquatch.”

As far as special features go, this DVD has a bonus music video of “The Three Rs” performed by Mitchel Musso and the original classic song “The Energy Blues,” completely remastered.

This entire DVD was great.  Nothing can beat the classic refrain of “I’m just a bill on Capital Hill,” but some of these new songs come pretty close.  When I first heard this collection of new songs was coming out, I was a little apprehensive because I wasn’t sure how faithful they would be to the original ideals of the series.  But it turned out to be the exact same guys and, other then being newer, there is no difference between these songs and the classics.  That’s the main selling point for this DVD, but the new songs are also very good.  They provide us all with valuable lessons about just how important the environment is and how easy it can be to take care of it.

This new collection of songs Rocks!

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