Once amnesia was discovered, that must have been the best day imaginable for writers of all sorts across the world.  What types of storylines would have been impossible without someone completely losing their memory and becoming someone else?  Admittedly, amnesia doesn’t work like that at all, but it still makes for some great stories.  Now the final season of the television show that revolved solely around this idea of amnesia is ready for you on DVD today!

Starting this August 25th, now available on DVD from ABC Studios comes the final season of a show all about the glories of possibilities when it comes to reinventing yourself and creating the type of life you have always wanted.  Samantha Who? – The Complete Second And Final Season is ready to slink out of your television screen and show you a look at a true second chance at life.  Bring home this second and final season today!

Samantha Newly had a catastrophic accident and completely lost her memory.  She spent last season discovering that she had been a terrible person, all mean and cheating and just a big backstabber.  Now she has decided to move on with her life and embrace the goodness she knows is deep inside of her.  She has a new man in her life, a brand new career and a whole new outlook on things.  But there are still things in her life from the old Sam and, as she discovers, not all of them are such bad things.  Come along with Sam and her friends as they learn all about themselves and their lives.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are some bloopers that are actually somewhat funny, a selection of deleted scenes, a great dance moment with Christina and a tour of the set with Christina Applegate.

I love Christina Applegate.  She is a delightful actor and one of the prettiest women on television right now.  Throw in her best friend played by Jennifer Esposito and what man wouldn’t want to watch this show?  Barry Watson is hilarious and tons of fun in his role.  Although the show isn’t something I watch regularly, I do genuinely enjoy the premise of this show.  The idea of one day waking up and being able to see all the small choices we’ve made over the years with the true importance they ended up having.  To be given the chance to compare the life you have with the life you’ve always dreamed of and then have the power to remake yourself would be the most amazing gift possible.  I’m still in my early twenties and it’s a chance I would greatly relish.  Of course, it can’t ever happen, but with this show on DVD, now you can imagine what it would be like.

Who wouldn’t enjoy this show at least a little bit?

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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