Television aimed at children and teens actually used to be decent.  Before it devolved into the asinine and sophomoric (Jackass, Rob & Big, and the like) or the night-time adolescent soap operas (One Tree Hill, The OC, and so on), there was something called TGIF.  For those who can’t remember that far back, that stood for Thank God It’s Friday and it beats even Must See TV for a supreme television line-up.  And the anchor and sex appeal of those shows?  None other than Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina – The Teenage Witch.  Luckily, you can finally purchase the third season of that hilarious teenage show on DVD.

Yes, all you fans of teenage voodoo on television, the entire third season of Sabrina – The Teenage Witch is now available in a DVD boxed set for the first time ever.  Pick this one up and bring back those evenings of early teen angst.  Or maybe that was just me.

Who doesn’t know this story?  Sabrina is, obviously, a teenage witch who is pretty hot, but has a penchant for wearing ugly clothes.  That’s more something I’ve noticed as I grow older.  She has two aunts, Hilda and Zelda, who are always trying to teach Sabrina the tricks and rules of being a witch.  But throw in a boyfriend, a best friend, and a pretty serious nemesis, and Sabrina has an awfully hard time in keeping her personal and professional lives separate.

This boxed set of Sabrina – The Teenage Witch has no special features to speak of whatsoever.  Unless, that is, you consider a full screen format and and Dolby Digital sound special.  However, this season was originally broadcast nine years ago and I find the collection to be better without those sappy false featurettes with half the actors and a quarter of the good looks.

This show has always been one of the bright spots of teenager television.  It’s filled with simple laughs and, every now and again, an absolutely stunning bit of social satire.  Since it was 9 years ago, it takes a couple viewings to catch all of them, but it’s still more than entertaining and worth picking up.

The third season of Sabrina – The Teenage Witch is a hit if you like a cheap, easy laugh, no matter what age you are.  And Melissa Joan Hart is pretty hot.  Come on, let’s all be honest.  It’s true.

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