Red, White and Brown

I enjoy jokes about race and culture.  They seek to illuminate the parts of us that we take for granted, the presuppositions that we never think to question.  Not to mention, it’s also completely irreverent and that makes it even more hilarious.  Now there’s a new film out which comes from those same hilarious roots.

Starting this January 27th, now available in a DVD and CD combo pack from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes one of the funniest stand-up performances made in a long time.  Russell Peters – Red, White and Brown is ready to roar out of your television screen and leave you laughing harder than you have in longer than you can recall.  Bring home this hilarious film today!

Russell Peters is Canadian by birth, Indian by birth and one of the funniest comics on his way up through the business today.  This performance was filmed live at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden and includes Russell’s thoughts on a wide variety of life.  Much of the humor is racial or cultural in basis and comes complete with absolutely spot-on impressions of more people groups than you can imagine.  He talks about his views on body hair, the evil powers of the media, why the World Cup stinks, sex and how cheap Indians really are.

The special features included in this DVD and CD combo pack are a bonus CD of the same material, an 20 minute extended playing time, an optional audio commentary from Russell Peters, Clayton Peters and Jigar Talati, a selection of deleted scenes, a bonus feature called “Support The Troops” with optional audio commentary and a “White Jacket Bootleg” with optional audio commentary as well.

I can’t believe I have never heard of Russell Peters before I got this film in the mail.  He is outrageously hilarious!  His impersonations of Chinese people were so good that I fell off of the sofa and rolled on the floor.  I think I watched that segment about five times in a row before I moved on to the next scene.  All the jokes dealing with race were both somewhat illuminating – living in the Midwest, I am surrounded by white people – and also completely funny.  I might be overstating just how incredible he is, but only a little bit, if that.  He is someone who needs to be watched because he will be one of the important comics of our generation.  Pick up this DVD and see exactly what I mean today.

Red, White and Brown – you’ll all love this hilarious movie.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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