There seems to be a lot of derision for people who are shock comics.  Most people would mention people along the lines of Sarah Silverman or Howard Stern.  Stern just isn’t funny, so I don’t even know why people are still talking about him.  I understand people looking down on shock comics.  It’s not hard to shock people.  But to shock people and bring some true humor into it, to bring some intelligence along, that takes skill.  Now you can see exactly what I mean when you bring this new DVD home today!

Starting this May 19th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the first fantastic stand-up special on Comedy Central from one of the hottest British stars out there today.  Russell Brand In New York City – Extended & Uncensored is ready to scorch its way right through your television screen and blast you with wave after wave of laughter and hilarious stories.  Bring home this fantastic new comedic talent today!

Fresh off of what most people will recognize as a fantastic performance in the Apatow influenced Forgetting Sarah Marshall and his universally recognized flop as being a host at the 2008 MTV VMA awards, Russell Brand came to New York and did this stand-up special through Comedy Central.  It starts off a little slow, but then Brand gets warmed up and talks about what he did at the VMA’s, reads parts of the script he wrote that he cut out on the fly because none of his jokes were going very well and reads some of the best death threat emails you could ever possibly hope to receive.  He talks about meeting the Queen, he talks about how it’s strange to get used to being famous and then going somewhere where you are no longer famous and he talks about sex.  A lot.  But it’s all pretty hilarious and certainly comes together to create a comedy performance that you shouldn’t meet.

The special features included in this DVD are a loose cannon drunk girl at the show and his put-downs of her, a look at Russell Brand in New York and his infamous and excellent 2008 MTV VMA monologue.

So what makes Russell Brand so hilarious?  Let’s put it like this – what other comic do you know who could possibly reference Baudelaire, a line of his poetry and Michel Foucault in the same act and have it work flawlessly?  The biggest surprise of this performance for me was just how intelligent that Russell Brand is.  I suppose when you look at the goofy hair and the poof outfits, you’re supposed to view him as someone who just ended up in comedy.  But his sly joke on the audience is that he’s actually highly intelligent and you can tell from the words he uses and the way he puts his sentences together.  That fact alone takes a good comedy performance and rockets it straight up into the real of fantastic humor and you will want to watch exactly what I’m talking about.

You don’t want to miss this New hot DVD!

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