I didn’t like this movie at all.  Not one bit.

Starting this April 21st, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the latest comedy outing for a blue collar representative.  Ron White – Behavioral Problems – Live, Extended & Uncensored is ready to come to your house and be put into your DVD player.  Bring it home today.

Here’s the gig – Ron White is a drunk, white jerk who thinks he’s funny.  In between bouts of crippling guilt regarding his decision to throw away his life, he gives comedy shows about nonsense and with a couple jokes that might stick in your mind the way that undigested popcorn shells stick in your crap – irritating and always somewhat of a surprise (when did I eat popcorn?).  In this work, Ron talks about (shocker) drinking, the war and a whole bunch of other drunken mumblings.  At least that’s the impression I was left with.
How’s this for special features – a mildly extended version of what you’ve already seen on Comedy Central AND it’s uncensored!  Spare me the indignity of calling that something special.

Just to clear this up, for humor to be blue collar, it does not need to appeal to the lowest common denominator.  Regardless of economic or social class, there is room for cleverness in all levels of comedy.  That’s what people like Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy simply fail to understand.  You needn’t assume that your audiences are uncultured, jingoistic and slightly racist just because you have billed it as blue collar.  I, for one, will not be pouring back the Natty Light and waiting the next outpouring of comic wit along those lines.  That said, Ron White disappoints with this new film, even for those who claim to like him.  The special features aren’t good and when you look like an old, fat, miserable, Scotch-swilling Farrah Fawcett, maybe it’s time to hang up that comedy hat.  Ron, I’m talking to you.

Problems doesn’t even begin to describe what this movie is like.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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