Roman Holiday - The Centennial Collection

I think Gregory Peck is one of the best actors who has ever lived.  Seeing him in To Kill A Mockingbird is what made me first want to become a lawyer.  His role, alongside David Niven’s in The Guns Of Navaronne made me believe in a different kind of patriotism, in the price we do pay in our souls to be a free people.  I was saddened when he died and strangely elated to find out that we do share a birthday.  Now one of his marquee movies is back on DVD.

Starting this November 11th, now available as a two-disc collector’s edition boxed set from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the story of a runaway princess and the newspaper man who falls in love with her.  Roman Holiday – Centennial Collection is ready to burst out of your television and transform your living room into a world of black and white, full of romance.  Bring home this award-winning film today!

Directed by William Wyler, this film stars Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert.  Hepburn is Princess Ann, a princess on a tour of Europe.  Disgusted with her handlers, she runs away and decides to have an adventure on her own.  She runs into Peck and Albert, a journalist and his photographer friend.  Peck is on the look-out for a story that will make his career and seems to have found one in the run-away princess.  Yet he also feels that just may have found the love he’s been looking for.

The special features included in this two-disc boxed set are a featurette about Audrey Hepburn and her career at Paramount, a remembrance of Hepburn, a look into how this film was restored, an in-depth look at the costumes, a featurette about how the writer of this film went from the top of his game down to being blacklisted and so much more.

I’m apologize to the cinematic past and all the fans throughout the ages, but Audrey Hepburn just doesn’t do anything for me.  She plays the role well, but I don’t see anything in this performance to distinguish her from other actresses of her same generation.  Gregory Peck, on the other hand, completely shines in this role.  He is always a treat to watch and this film is no exception.  The special features also make this enjoyable film that much more outstanding.

You’ll enjoy this Roman Holiday.

The Centennial Collection is a series of releases from the award-winning depths of the vaults at Paramount Studios.  Each two-disc set undergoes extensive restoration to present the film in the award-winning glory that first set it apart.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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