I love this show.  There are no two ways about it.  I didn’t start watching it until halfway through the third season, but now I do my best to not miss a single episode.  And although this show is great on television, it doesn’t shine until you get it uncensored on DVD.  Then all the zany things come right through and all the ribald comedy becomes truly majestic.  Well, lucky you, because here it is all uncensored and ready for you to bring home today.

Starting this July 7th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the sixth season of the funniest show ever made about police officers.  Reno 911! – The Complete Sixth Season – Uncensored is ready to come careening out of your television screen and fill your living room with hilarious episodes, crazy plot lines and some great guest stars.  Bring home this magnificent DVD today!

This season starts with the addition of two new Sheriffs, Rizzo and Declan.  There are some zany things going on in Reno and only the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department is able to keep things under control.  There are commercials being made, racism, sexual harassment, a murder and so many other great things.  These adventures, mainly misadventures, are even funnier than anything else that has happened before in this town.  This season stars Nick Swardson, George Lopez, Cedric Yarborough, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, Rainn Wilson and so many other hilarious actors.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a selection of extended and brand new outtakes, an in-depth look at the new officers Frank Rizzo and Jack Declan, optional audio commentaries from the cast and, lest you forget, completely uncensored episodes.

As I have said before, this show is amazing.  Pretty much every single sketch is hilarious and the depth of some of the references is amazing and outshines every other show out right now.  Everyone on the show is magnificent and that is not in doubt.  But the shining star, someone I have loved ever since seeing The State, is Thomas Lennon as Lt. Jim Dangle.  I follow the man on Twitter and it’s a riot.  He is fantastic at being Jim Dangle and pretty much excels at everything he does.  He writes movies and does voice work and his acting is some of the funniest out there.  Thomas Lennon is one of the comedy legends still at work among us and he is vastly unappreciated.  Jump at this chance to catch him at the height of his game.

It’s so much fun you’ll need to call 911!

This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

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