Reno 911 - The Complete Fifth Season

The worst time of day is when there is nothing on TV but Cops.  That’s when society sinks to the lowest common denominator and it’s only embarrassing.  The best parody of that show and mindset is now available on DVD.

Starting this July 15th, now available as a special collectors edition DVD boxed set from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Pictures comes the next chapter of the funniest cops around.  Reno 911! – The Complete Fifth Season – Uncensored is ready to shoot its way into your heart to stay.  Bring home this hilarious look at law enforcement and the troubled lives of those who enforce.

In this outrageous fifth season, things just get more awesome.  Deputy Wiegel has her baby and manages to sell it, Dangle jumps into a shark tank, Dangle’s father dies and he tries to blend in with his black brother and sister, Kimball and Jones have their worst day ever selling Coconut Nut Clusters, there are many run-ins with Terry, people keep trying to jump off the bridge, there is a parade with a racist, and someone dies at the very end.
The special features included in this special collectors edition DVD boxed set are over 40 additional minutes of extended scenes, optional audio commentaries from selected members of the cast, and Cop Psychology, a series of hilarious interviews with the cops and their mental stability or instability.

I must have been watching the wrong episodes of this show prior to this season.  I always found it boring and simple, predictable humor.  Instead, it is overwhelmingly funny.  Some of the jokes aren’t so great, but it’s mainly the dead-pan manner which each actor on the show completely excels at that makes it the juggernaut of humor it is.  Making fun of racism and Republicans has never been more humorous. 

This look inside Reno will leave you laughing and wanting more.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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