Having discovered Renaissance via my goth/noir aware blogger mate Ghost, I was rather pleased to find it on download on iTunes. It is the first film I have bought and downloaded from iTunes; the experience was pretty pleasant. Alas, the film was not the French Blade Runner but merely an animated French film.

The movie takes a long time to get going, so long in fact, that my beloved Kim, a fan of movies was sound asleep by the time things got interesting. This is less a cyberpunk movie than an art-house piece that is animated. There is far too much faffing about and little in the way of action. If you are thinking Sin City; look elsewhere.

The storyline is a fairly predictable to anyone who is a fan of anime and the cybepunk genre. In a future Paris, a woman scientist has re-discovered a medical secret discarded by an older scientist who lost his nerve. The main character is the typical edgy detective, that shockingly is in constant strife with his boss, and gets suspended during the film. Nope didn’t see that coming.

The tech in the movies is nothing new and innovative for the genre. All the vehicles seem to be Citroens which is most amusing.

The whole movie seems terribly forced and not the slightest bit original baring that it takes place in Paris instead of say Tokyo.

Yes, the animation is edgy and very noir, but it does not salvage the predictable and weak plot. Ghost in the Shell it ain’t that is for damn sure. If its on telly late at night have a gander but don’t spend your money on this black & white turkey.

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