In my mind there are two Film Festivals that stand above the crowd, Sundance and Tribecca. Both are well known for spawning movies that would otherwise not seen in theaters, many are also optioned for TV play.

Tribecca is in full swing as I write this review. Yesterday it aired Red, White and Wasted. While I doubt it will get anything that a token theater release, I can see this as a perfect fit for HBO or one of the other Cable TV Channels.

2019 seems to be the year of the documentary. My personal opinion is that everyone is fed up to the beck teeth with remakes of Spiderman, Superman, and basically everything that is coming out of Hollywood. Maybe people are looking for fact rather than fiction?

Of course, as the saying goes ‘Fact is stranger than fiction’ and Red, White and Wasted is the living proof. This is the classic study of ‘Red Neckery’, drinking, drugs, teen pregnancy, pick-up trucks, dumpster diving, and last but not least, mud!

Tribecca asked me to not publish my review until after the the film had debuted. Not everyone heeded the advice and one review out of New York had this classic subtitle ‘The film on Florida’s little-known mudding subculture gives a unique look at the Americans who propelled Trump to the White House’


I am sure that there were not only Florida mudders that voted for Trump, but it is clear that the Mudders love trump.

Trump bumper stickers, 2nd Amendment stickers, and large Confederate flags are rampant. I will make no comments on how all of these and the subjects of the film meld into a cohesive unit, but they certainly do.


If you have the chance to watch Red, White & Wasted, I can recommend it.

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