Maybe it’s only being nostalgic, but it certainly seems as though the entire genre of children’s movies has gone downhill as of late.  At best, you will find one or two movies a year that are specifically made for children that actually stand out as being noteworthy.  The time has passed when the classic Disney movies could stand as the example for what all movies could aspire to.  Now we need new standards of excellence.  Some important examples of movies which have come out in the last couple of years have come from mainly one studio: Pixar.  Both Toy Story movies, Monsters Inc, and The Incredibles have shown the way forward in the area of children’s movies.  And now there is a new movie from Pixar to welcome into this 2.0 pantheon – Ratatouille.

Who would have thought that France, cooking, or rats could possibly be this interesting?  Ratatouille is a charming story about Remy, a French rat who has a weakness for good food and refuses to eat the garbage that the rest of his rat clan eats.  But when disaster strikes and Remy ends up in Paris, separated from his clan, it seems as though all his hopes are at an end.  Yet, with the befriending of Linguini, a lowly dishwasher in what used to be the most popular cafe in France, Remy’s dream of becoming a chef can once again get on its way.  But paternity, betrayal, and lots of rats are still ahead before the film can come to a satisfying end.

The animation is excellent, the acting is great, and the story itself is compelling and warms the hearts of all who see Ratatouille.

Ratatouille is a journey of the heart through a culinary world, a trip well worth taking.

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