Steven Bochco is one of the true pioneers of modern television.  With the introduction of Hill Street Blues, he changed the face of television by making story arcs that last for more than one episode.  When he made L.A. Law, his winning streak continued.  Yet, in my opinion and the opinion of many media critics, it was with N.Y.P.D. Blue that he made his biggest impact.  Now he has a new series and it’s ready for you to bring home today and see if he still has what it takes to make a great story come to life.

Starting this June 2nd, now available on DVD from Steven Bochco Productions and ABC Studios comes the first season of the stunning new television show about the legal process and the people who live inside of it.  Raising The Bar – The Complete First Season is ready to burst into your living room and fill it with the compelling stories and terse action of the courtroom and back rooms.  Bring home this great first season of television today!

A group of lawyers went through law school together and now most of them work in the same district of New York City.  Some are public defenders, those who are mainly idealistic and live based on their ideals.  Then there are people in the District Attorney’s office, those who tend to be more career minded.  And then there are the odd few that end up clerking and other jobs that will send them straight to the top.  The judge in this district is tough and respects the law, even when it goes against what she wants to do on a personal level.  With all those characters, this show is not one to miss.  This show stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Gloria Rueben, Jane Kaczmarek, Melissa Sagemiller, Jonathan Scarfe, J. August Richards, Currie Graham, Teddy Sears and Natalia Cigliuti and is produced by Steven Bochco.

The special features included in this DVD collection are a selection of audio commentaries on the episodes, a look behind the scenes with the producer of the show, a former public defender, a great round table discussion with the cast and what they remember from making this first season and a great look at some bloopers from this season.

I was very surprised and impressed with this show.  I had seen ads for it all of the time on TNT, but had never actually seen it on television.  I thought the fact that they were talking about Steven Bochco the whole time was a sign of the weakness of the show.  In fact, it is a fact that we could totally forget and the show would be just as great without it.  It’s like a regular lawyer show, but it’s driven by character, not just characters and plot, and clashing worldviews and ideologies create much of the tension which drives each episode forwards.  Jane Kaczmarek is a delight in this show and the subplot of her hooking up with her clerk who’s trying to get ahead is great.  Of course, her clerk is also gay, which makes it so much better.  The intros to the show show all this fast moving action in the city, all these strange clips of skyscrapers and cityscapes.  It feels like Gossip Girl and that’s one of my favorite parts of the show.  Still, it’s very great and you should definitely check it out.

Raise your expectations and bring home this great show today!

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