Pretty Woman [Blu-ray]

Romantic movies are not exactly a passion of mine.  I did like The Notebook, but that’s because Ryan Gosling is in it.  Not to mention, Rachel McAdams was a shining beauty in the whole film.  So it’s not all the mushy romance stuff that makes me like it, just cool people.  Now one of the gold standards of the romantic movie genre is available in a whole new format.

Starting this February 10th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Touchstone Home Entertainment comes the story about a business man and the hooker with a heart of gold.  Pretty Woman – Blue-ray Disc is ready to slither out of your television screen and bring you a story of whores and real love, which means kissing on the lips or something like that.  Bring home this romantic film today.

Vivian is a tough and pretty prostitute who knows her way around the streets.  Edward Lewis is a shrewd and calculating businessman who happens to be in town.  Well, Ed is a lonely yet attractive billionaire, so he decides to purchase Vivian’s services as an escort for a whole week.  Vivian will do anything he wants, but she doesn’t kiss on the lips.  It’s like Natalie Cross with Harold in Stephen King’s The Stand, only Natalie won’t give up something far more important.  Over time, Edward and Vivian end up falling in love, a modern-day whorish story about Cinderella.

The special features included on this Blu-ray disc are a hilarious reel of bloopers, a featurette about the wrap party for this film, a look at the publicity tour in Los Angeles for this film, a featurette about the production of this film, a music video for a Natalie Cole song from the film, the original theatrical trailer and an optional audio commentary from director Garry Marshall.

The fashion and hairstyles in this movie are completely cringe-worthy.  Julia Roberts was very attractive back then and Richard Gere did not look as though he was on the verge of getting a heart attack most of the time.  I can see why people like this movie even though I find it terrible.  It is much nicer to watch in HD though, that’s without a doubt.  I couldn’t really see myself or anyone else I know falling in love with a prostitute.  Yet I suppose this message is important to some people because they need to hear that love can break all sorts of boundaries and conquer anything.  It’s a lonely world and some people need that belief to stay alive.  Me, I need to hear that it’s possible for zombies to roam the world or that finally facing the squid fighting the whale can help you grow up or that Dr. Manhattan can really travel to Mars in a flash of blue light.  If it’s something you need to hear, this movie does say it well.  And it’s great in high-def.

If you like a romantic movie, this one’s Pretty far up there.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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