Bringing a television series to a conclusion is often less than a satisfying experience for casual viewers and fans alike.  There are lose ends to wrap up, a tone to set for unresolved issues, and generally an effective conclusion to bring about.  Some shows choose to leave us at a disadvantage, to mirror life in not having a true ending.  The Sopranos famous ending comes to end.  Yet there are others who go for a twist ending.  St Elsewhere is a prime example of that.  Others elect to be as conventional as can be.  That’s what this article is about.

Starting this February 12th, now available on DVD from Jetix and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, is the latest offering from the Power Rangers.  That’s right, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Volume 5 – Pink Emerald is now available for you to own and watch at home.  Pick up the final volume to this great television show for your children today!

If earlier volumes of this show were intense and exciting, than this final volume is even more so.  The Fearcats somehow manage to steal the Octavian Chalice, thereby gaining most of the secrets which are necessary to find the final jewel necessary to complete the Corona Aurora.  The Power Rangers run across the globe to find that final jewel and keep the world safe.  The conflicts which ensue and the chases which follow lead up to a spectacular ending which does not disappoint.

The special features placed on this disc include a featurette about the lessons that the Power Rangers learned during their magnificent journey.  There is also the final Ranger Reserve Training Course Game, the fifth and final level about the hunt for the Pink Emerald.

The Power Rangers series has never been know for mass plot twists or exciting endings.  The Operation Overdrive series is certainly no exception to that.  The show is formulaic and mass market fodder.  For being such, it is somewhat entertaining.

As a whole, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is a wholly enjoyable experience and well worth watching.

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