As a child, I watched the Power Rangers series on Saturday mornings. Those stories of brightly colored violence were some of the first adventures that I had a personal attachment to. It was excitement and monsters and explosions. So many things spring from the attachment to that show, my like of Japanese creature films, the disdain I hold for simple plots and standard plot devices. And now, there is more of the same coming from this Japanese American combo television show.

Starting this February 12th, now available on DVD from Jetix and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, is the latest offering from the Power Rangers. That’s right, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Volume 4 – Star of Isis is now available for you to own and watch at home. Pick up this great television show for your children today!

As the search for fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora picks up, the competition is only getting more fierce. The love child of Rita Repulsor and Lord Zed creates the most evil or all alliances and present the strongest challenge to the Power Rangers which has been seen yet. However, when the Sentinel Knight is brought back to his full power level, all that is about to change. In this fourth volume of the Power Rangers, the worldwide morphing grid is destroyed, a new set of Power Rangers takes over for a while, Alpha, the robot from the first Power Rangers series makes an appearance and the Rangers even take a trip to Angel Grove. But even with all that happening, that is only the beginning.

The special features on this fourth volume of Power Rangers consist of a featurette about the genetic enhancements which give the Power Rangers some of their special powers, and the fourth level of the Ranger Reserve Training Course. In this level, you are able to master the powers of the Pink Ranger and search for the Star of Isis, the fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora.

The Operation Overdrive series is getting more interesting and far more intense. The fight for those powers is ramping up and it’s just getting more enjoyable with every episode. This show manages to stay fresh, always bringing in new enemies, new allies, and scads of new zords.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Volume 4 – Star of Isis is not the greatest show your kids could be watching these days, but it is leaps and bounds above the worst.

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