Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is back at it again! The second DVD of new episodes from the hit show on Jetix is now available. They knock it out of the park with Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Toru Diamond.

Follow the Power Rangers as they look for the second jewel from the Corona Aurora. After their successful attempts to get the first jewel from the Temple of Atlantis and Brownbeard’s Island, the Power Rangers must now continue to find the jewels to control the Corona Aurora. Flurious, with his Chillers, and Moltor, with his Lava Lizards, step up their efforts to stop the Rangers with Norg providing comic relief. Miratrix and some new and unknown alien are also among the pantheon of evil beings facing off against the Power Rangers. After finding the missing parchment pieces, they must go now and find the Toru Diamond. There is a surprise appearance by a Mercurian who must leave to pursue his own destiny. Will there be future collaborations between he and the Power Rangers? Fans of the show can only hope so.

The episodes on this DVD are At All Costs, Both Sides Now, Follow The Ranger, Lights – Camera – DAX, Face To Face Part One, and Face To Face Part Two. Each is incredible and the whole series comes together well with just enough continuity between episodes and new material with each new shot.

This series continues to be great and remains great fun for all those who are either kids or have a little bit of kid inside of them.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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