The amazing adventures of the newest team of Power Rangers continue in the third DVD release from the hit Jetix series Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.  In Blue Sapphire, the Power Rangers and all the good and evil friends are after the Blue Sapphire, the third jewel of the Corona Aurora.

In Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive – Blue Sapphire, the competition heats up for the remaining crown jewels.  With the addition of the feral Fearcats in the mix of evil forces, the Power Rangers must try that much harder to gain the power of the Corona Aurora.  Also, the Mercurian, Taizon, returns to finish off the Fearcats, the mission he has been following across the galaxy.  Unexpectedly, Taizon decides to join the Power Rangers as a fellow ranger, and, in the great tradition of sixth rangers started by Tommy the Green Ranger in the original series, is given special powers and an all new zord.

The Rangers run into important relics like Thor’s Hammer and the cannon of Ki Amuk.  Appearances are also made by Loki, the Norse god of mischief and trickery, and even by Thor himself.

There’s more robots, powerful robots, new and fascinating weapons, and enemies which seem to never give up.  That’s the life the Power Rangers are becoming more and more at home in during this third selection of episodes from the hit television show on Jetix.

The DVD also includes an insider look at all the special vehicles the Power Rangers use.  Along with that comes a copy of the Ranger Reserve Training Course – Level 3.  Come to control the powers of the Blue Ranger and hunt for the Blue Sapphire.

In the Pantheon of Power Rangers show collections, Blue Sapphire is a golden hit.

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