I have always enjoyed watching this show, ever since I was a little kid.  Who doesn’t like a bunch of attractive people running around fighting people and playing with robots and doing all those other sorts of great things that happen on Japanese television.  I always had a crush on the Pink Ranger, Kimberly.  Now we’re on maybe the fifteenth or twelfth different Power Rangers franchise and the second collection of episodes is ready for you to bring home on DVD today!

Starting this September 8th, now available on DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment comes the second chapter of the latest adventure and reimagining of the classic Power Rangers.  Power Rangers – RPM – Race For Corinth – Defending The Dome is ready to come burning out of your television screen and flood your living room with tales of Grinders and monsters and a struggle to survive.  Bring home this update to the series on DVD today!

It is the near future and an army of evil electrical soldiers called Grinders control the world.  The Venjix Computer Network, an evil computer network that has succeeded in taking over the world, is running them.  It’s taken over the whole world except for the domed city of Corinth, a supposedly impermeable city which is the only stronghold left for humanity.  Now it’s up to the Power Rangers to learn their powers and see if they can use Dr. K’s Racing Performance Machines to save the world.  Can they be successful in time?

The only special features here are that the episodes are shown in full screen and come in surround sound.  This is disappointing because the last Power Rangers series was loaded down with special features and it’s always good to have a little background information on the world these Rangers now live in.  So that’s a strike against this disc.

This series is by far the darkest and least hopeful of all the Power Rangers iterations I’ve seen before.  Instead of being joyful defenders of all that is good, they are a painfully small remnant fighting a losing battle.  Also, this series is dreadfully similar to Turbo, the third Power Rangers series, in that it is based around cars.  One particularly interesting thing about this series is that there is a big interest in back story and the characters are far more three-dimensional than normal.  Sadly, there is only one girl Power Ranger in this series and that makes a whole generation of boys just starting to get interested in girls a little bit sad.

Put your RPM through the roof today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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