The Fast and the Phineas

I’m pretty sure I would have liked being a twin.  Well, so long as he wasn’t too much like me.  Even a stepbrother or next door neighbor who was my same age would have been pretty boss.  That never happened to me, at least not until I went off to college.  At that point, there wasn’t too much fun left in building a sofa cushion fort or having snowball fights.  Due to that, I can certainly understand all these shows which revolve around two characters of about the same age and the obligatory sibling which is always in the way.  Now there is a new DVD out which celebrates and advances that tested formula.

Starting this July 29th, now available on DVD from The Disney Channel and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes a collection of wacky adventures and too much fun on DVD for the first time ever.  Phineas And Ferb – The Fast And The Phineas is ready to explode into your living room with a bonus episode no one has ever seen before.  Bring home this hilarious show for your children today!

This DVD contains five episodes of fun and mischief  in the lives of stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb.  It is now summer vacation and the two are busy trying to come up with incredible adventures to fill every single day.  They get the idea to race in the Swampoil 500, which means they have to mod out their mom’s car first.  They want to be remembered forever, so they set out to make their own band and get just one hit.  They find a time machine which is broken and do their best to fix it up and bring a T-Rex back to the present.  Of course, there is also their pesky big sister Candace who does everything she can to get Phineas and Ferb in trouble with Mom and Dad.  Not to mention, their pet platypus is also the secret “Agent P” who is working to save the world from evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  It all adds up to hilarious.

The special features which accompany this material on DVD for the first time ever are a featurette about the creation of this show by one of the producers of Family Guy and a look into the Homemade Tree Shade Arcade with some of the awesome that Phineas and Ferb get to play all day long.

I can’t help but like this show.  The characters are funny, Candace has red hair, and the continuing Dr. Doofenshmirtz sub-plot is hilarious.  The animation is fresh and clean and the stories are entertaining.  The show doesn’t teach anything, but for whatever reason, that fails to bother me about this particular Disney show.  I think it’s that this show isn’t live action, it’s a cartoon.  Cartoons are obviously fun and they don’t aspire to more than that.  This show is funny and it fits its niche very well, better than most other Disney cartoons on television right now.  For that reason, I would completely recommend this show.

I can’t think up a catchy line containing either Phineas or Ferb.  My bad.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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