John F. Kennedy is once again dominating the news cycles. Caroline Kennedy wrote an editorial in the New York Times comparing her father to Barack Obama and Senator Kennedy made the same comparisons not long afterwards. What was so compelling about President County was not the fact that he simply offered hope and a new politic, but that he embodied such a great hope and had his life snatched away from him. And that snatching, so untimely, is still the focus of one of the greatest and longest living conspiracy theories in American history. Now, once again, the Kennedy Assassination is uncovered by American Experience from PBS in Oswald’s Ghost.

Oswald’s Ghost is now available on DVD from Paramount Pictures and PBS Home Video. Dive deeper into the American Experience through this stellar documentary which was originally broadcast on Public Television.

This documentary takes a look into the Kennedy assassination, the Warren Commission, and all the conspiracy theories. It’s the same general information that is seen in every single other documentary on this issue – Vietnam, Cuba, the Soviet Union, the Mafia, Jack Ruby, the South Vietnamese coup. But there is one original idea in this film and that is that the killing of Kennedy had a profound impact on LBJ. Because of that assassination, Johnson was that much more paranoid, that much less open to compromise, and that much more emphatic to never be seen as weak by anyone.

Even documentaries come with special features these days. Oswald’s Ghost includes an interview with Robert Stone, the director of the film, a visit to the Dealey Plaza, and a look at the Zapruder film and beyond. For once, the special features included alongside a documentary enhance the experience of learning more about the focus of the film.

This was a PBS film, so you expect it to be boring. But it was quite boring, even for the genre and expectations we’re working with here. Nonetheless, this was an interesting film about a perennially important topic and well worth the time it would take to watch.

Experience Oswald’s Ghost, and the results won’t haunt or spook you, but just generally affirm what you already knew about the Kennedy assassination.

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