Oliver and Company (20th Anniversary Edition)

I rarely watched Disney movies as a child because my mother was a big fan of the fundamentalist boycott of the company.  She loosened up over time, so I saw most of the Disney movies every child is expected to know.  Yet those early movies I saw over the holidays or on television have always had a special place in my childhood heart.  Now one of those early films is ready on DVD in a whole new way.

Starting this February 3rd, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the story of a willful orphan and the songs he loves to sing.  Oliver & Company – 20th Anniversary Edition is ready to bound out of your television screen and take your heart by storm through the powers of cuteness and song.  Bring home this wonderful musical adventure today!

Based off of the classic Charles Dickens tale, Oliver Twist, Oliver is a lost orphan cat on the mean streets on Manhattan.  He falls in with a group of dogs who all love to sing great songs and they have some madcap adventures.  Then they are villains and danger and a happy ending.  This movie contains the vocal talents of Joey Lawrence, Billy Joel, Robert Loggia, and Bette Midler, along with songs sung by Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Huey Lewis and Barry Manilow.

The special features included in this 20th Anniversary Edition DVD are an all new game, “Oliver’s Big City Challenge,” a look backstage at the making of this film, two great animated shorts which help expand some of the characters from the movie, a musical sing-along and a featurette taking a look at the history of animals in Disney movies.

First of all, I am completely shocked that I am older than this movie is.  I don’t remember it coming out and it always seemed to be around, so I certainly feel strangely old to know this movie is younger than I am.  Moving past that, this movie has always been one of my favorite Disney tales, although it tends to not get the respect or recognition it deserves.  People would rather talk about The Lion King or Lady And The Tramp, when this movie is one of the true modern Disney classics.  It’s wonderful to see this 20th Anniversary Edition giving it the kudos it has had coming.  How can someone not love hearing Billy Joel and Huey Lewis (Huey Lewis being far more important than the piano hack)?  This edition is such a treat and it does much to help introduce a new generation to an unfairly forgotten film.

This Company won’t be going bankrupt any time soon!

This 20th Anniversary Edition DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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