I think it’s usually a tragedy when a television show gets canceled and I end up noticing it.  The key exception would be God, The Devil & Bob – anyone else out there remember that show?  But shows like the original Star Trek series, Arrested Development, Gilligan’s Island, Boomtown and others?  Why in the world would good shows like that be canceled?  I don’t know, but it’s still painful.  This year there was one show which had great ratings and a significant grassroots campaign to keep it from being canceled and it still ended up being cut.  Now that final season is available on DVD and it’s ready for you right now.

Starting this May 5th, now available as a three disc boxed set from ABC Studios comes the conclusion to one of the best loved new shows which was forced to be ended before its time had come.  October Road – The Complete Second Season is ready to meander out of your television screen and take you on an interesting and emotionally satisfying journey through your own home town.  Bring home this fantastic and well-written drama today!

The gang you fell in love with last year is back for their final season.  Tag along with Big Cat, Nick, Hannah, Eddie, The Commander, Janet The Planet, Owen, Ikey, Aubrey, Sam, Physical Phil and the Pizza Girl.  There are all sorts of twists and turns along the road to rediscovering what home really is, including the ultimate – who Sam’s father really is.  There are long lost fathers, affairs, questions of sexual identity, weddings, deaths, near deaths, road trips, hirings, firings, new friends, old enemies and so much more.  Let these thirteen final episodes bring you back down to the home you’ve always wanted.  This series stars Lindy Booth, Odette Yustman, Slade Pearce, Jay Paulson, Evan Jones, Brad William Henke, Rebecca Field, Tom Berenger, Geoff Stults, Warren Christie, Laura Prepon and Bryan Greenberg.

The special features included in this three disc set are a great look at some bloopers from the second season, a look behind the scenes at the making of this series and, most importantly, an all-new fifteen minute wrap-up which closes up the entire series and explains who Sam’s father is.  That wrap-up is able to be seen only in this boxed set.

The first time I heard about this show was during the furor of it possibly being canceled.  Obviously, since this is the final season, the uproar didn’t do much.  But I figured that if people were getting that upset about the series, then there was probably a pretty good reason why.  It turns out that all those people were right.  First of all, it was great to see Laura Prepon back on television.  I’ve missed her since the heyday of That 70s Show.  Also, Tom Berenger still scares the crap out of me, thank you very much, Platoon, so it’s a thrill to see him too.  I wasn’t expecting too much from this show, but it turned out to be fantastic.  It plays like one of the soapier shows on television, something like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, both personal favorites of mine.  But the drama feels real, it all is simply and painfully realistic.  It’s an adults’ show, the type of show that connects us back with those times of life when everything was crazy or something was really great.  It’s a welcome look back into the life of the main character and through the cracks, you’ll recognize some people from your own days gone by.  Pick this up and mourn for the passing of one of the best new shows in several years.

This Road only takes you through realistic and moving places.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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