All Access - Barack Obama's Road to the White House

I miss the presidential election.  I miss the tension, the reading eight political websites a day, looking over the superdelegate numbers, trading terse text messages with my friends and enemies over the latest developments seconds after they happened.  It was a high stress and highly exciting time.  Now that it’s over, there’s a hole where all that news and analysis used to be.  Well, here’s a great way to fill that back up again.

Starting this February 10th, now available on DVD from CBS DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes two years of fascinating and in-depth coverage of the historic candidacy and ascendant career of the 44th President of the United States of America.  Obama – All Access – Barack Obama’s Road To The White House is ready to sweep through your television screen and bring the excitement and passion of this past presidential campaign right into your living room.  Bring home this piece of modern history today!

This DVD contains two years of reporting and coverage from 60 Minutes, one of the foremost newsmagazine shows in America.  This footage is exclusive to the show and cannot be seen anywhere else.  There are excerpts from six different segments about President Obama.  These include parts from his first post-election interview.  This collection of footage takes a look at both his personal and public life, with an emphasis on moments we haven’t seen or fully understood before.  This is reported by Steve Kraft, who has been following Obama since 2007.

In addition to original reporting, this disc also contains other important footage from the Obama campaign.  There is his declaration of his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois, his speech on race from Philadelphia, the foreign policy address to that gigantic crowd in Berlin, his historic outdoors nomination acceptance speech in Denver, his victory speech in Grant Park in Chicago and the whole Inaugural Address.

This collection of footage, news pieces, interviews and public footage is wholly enlightening.  Through this DVD, we are able to review some of the most exciting and moving moments of this historical campaign which challenged all of us to believe in hope and change.  This disc makes the perfect keepsake for all those with a sense of history or who were inspired by the new chance they saw this country get.  This is a DVD you might watch once or twice now, but it will become more and more interesting as time goes on and the true change we saw becomes evident to all.

Get caught up on our newest president with this All Access look at Barack Obama.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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